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Patio Side Cover Options

PergoSHUT Plantation Shutters

PergoGLASS Sliding Glass

Space Transformers offers industry-leading patio side covers and outdoor blinds in Auckland, available NZ-wide.


Do you have an outside space that you love spending time in but find you can’t when the weather gets too hot in the summer or too wet & windy in winter? This is a common problem given the climate we have in New Zealand, but there is a highly effective solution – outdoor blinds.


Outdoor blinds let you continue using your outside spaces as they give you the protection you need – blocking out the sun’s excessive heat or shielding you from the wind & rain. This lets you stay outside for longer.


Ready to transform your outdoor area? Please get in touch with us at Space Transformers today to convert your outdoor space into a living space.


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Space Transformers’ patio side covers and outdoor blinds offer a wide range of benefits for your outdoor area, including:


  • Make your outside spaces comfortable, even in uncomfortable weather
  • We use high-quality, architectural-grade blinds, including PVC Clear, Mesh & Spanish Fabric, PVC, or fiberglass. This delivers optimal performance and ensures maximum durability.
  • Can be customised to whatever size you need
  • Enhance your privacy
  • Strong enough to handle high wind conditions
  • Motorised or manual options are available
  • Our prices are competitive, with options to suit all budgets


Take the comfort of your living room outside with our patio blinds and outdoor covers. If you’re not exactly sure what you are after, take a look at some of our stunning examples before getting in touch.

PergoSHUT – Plantation Shutters
Closed outdoor shutters create a private backyard
PergoSHUT – Plantation Shutters
Plantation style patio blinds brighten outdoor space in Auckland home

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