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BURDA Outdoor Heating and Lighting

Outdoor heating and lighting ensures you can make full use of your outside spaces year-round. Whether it’s cooling off in summer or warming up in winter, Space Transformers has the solution for you.

At Space Transformers, we offer high-quality and energy-efficient solutions that provide instant heat or evaporation, cooling cool air. These solutions are manufactured by our partner, Burda Perfect Clime, the industry-leading German outdoor heating specialist. Burda leads the world in infrared shortwave technology and produces highly energy-efficient heating and cooling systems.

We have solutions for both commercial and residential applications. This includes outdoor heating and lighting for outdoor recreational spaces like patios and decking and solutions for sheltered locations like garages, factories, warehousing, panel & paint shops, etc.

Find out more and get a quote for outdoor heating and lighting by contacting a member of our friendly team today.

Outdoor dining area using infrared heating
Burda outdoor lighting system

Options Available

We can install your outdoor heating or lighting solution as single units, or we can design and install a modular system. We put the power in the palm of your hand with simple-to-use remotes or smartphone apps used to control everything.

Standalone Lighting Solutions

For lighting solutions, we have standalone options, although many of our outdoor heating products also have LED lights. Many also have cooling features.

  • Ultra-Low Glare
  • Bluetooth
  • Modular
  • Heating & Cooling
  • Light & Heating

What Is Infrared?

Discover successful outdoor heating solutions with infrared short-wave technology. Infrared radiation is a sub-area of the light spectrum generated by the sun. This type of light is invisible to the human eye and serves to radiate heat.

Short-wave infrared generates heat by heating the object it meets without heating the air around it. The shorter the wavelength, the easier it is to penetrate the air. This results in effective and instant heat without pre-heating. An excellent example of this mode of action is the effect of a person walking out of the shade into the sunlight. Although the ambient temperature remains the same, they feel the temperature is considerably warmer under direct solar radiation. Infrared is an economically, environmentally effective, and cost-saving form of outdoor heating.

Infrared emission spectrum graph
Awards won by The Modular System


The patented MODULAR SYSTEM from Burda WTG is a unique concept for climate control in outdoor areas. The waterproof system offers instant heat, refreshing cooling, and pleasant light all in one device, combining powerful infrared heaters, LED lights, and cooling nozzles. Enjoy a high-quality system for all sizes of outdoor areas, which can be installed in any combination of colour, length, and function.


Burda has gained much acclaim for The MODULAR SYSTEM, winning:

  • The GERMAN DESIGN AWARD 2019 for excellent product design
  • The InnovAction Award R+T ASIA 2019
  • The INNOVATION PRICE R+T 2018 for outstanding design, technical progress and exemplary innovation.
RELAX GLASS Infrared Heater
Alt-text: lighting system in modern outdoor living space

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