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(Made in Germany)

BURDA Outdoor Infrared heaters are top of the line, ensure you get warmth and comfort heat in your outdoor space instantaneously.

Many imitators, no equals. Original Burda infrared heating systems boast peerless performance with its 25 Years of expertise in the outdoor heating field.

At Space Transformers, we offer high-quality and energy-efficient solutions that provide instant heat or evaporation cooling cool air. These solutions are manufactured by our partner, the German outdoor heating specialist Burda Perfect clime. It leads the world in infrared shortwave technology and produces highly energy-efficient heating and cooling systems.

We have solutions for both commercial and residential applications. This includes outdoor heating and lighting for recreational spaces like patios and decking – outdoors but it also includes solutions for locations like garages, factories, warehousing, factories, panel & paint shops and more.

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The patented MODULAR SYSTEM from Burda WTG is a unique concept for climate control in outdoor areas. The waterproof system offers instant heat, refreshing cooling and pleasant light in only one device combining powerful infrared heaters, LED lights and cooling nozzles. Enjoy a high-quality system for all sizes of outdoor areas which can be installed in any combination of colour, length and function.

The MODULAR SYSTEM was awarded the renowned RED DOT DESIGN AWARD 2019 and GERMAN DESIGN AWARD 2019 for excellent product design, the InnovAction Award R+T ASIA 2019 and the INNOVATION PRICE R+T 2018 for outstanding design, technical progress and exemplary innovation.

THE NEW RELAX range! – new product line with high-performance infrared short-, medium and long-wave heaters –

RELAX! Our new product group presents extremely powerful design infrared heaters with a glass front or completely without light emission. The new RELAX! series includes the RELAX GLASS IRA/IRB IP65 product line – waterproof short- and medium-wave heaters with light-reducing ceramic- glass covers SCHOTT NEXTREMA® and instant heat output. All heaters are available for wall-mounting or flush-mounted ceiling installation*and can now be operated in the 2200 watt version via the leading Somfy io-homecontrol® radio control system. The range is supplemented with new dark heaters RELAX DARK IRC IP55. The long-wave radiators supply the circulating air evenly with warmth without any light effects.
*except for 2200 watt models


BURDA PerfectClime – your partner for energy-efficient, innovative infrared technology
with infrared heaters, shortwave infrared heaters and infrared heating elements
As a leader in the field of shortwave infrared technology, BURDA PerfectClime is built on 25 years of product experience.
BURDA’s development of infrared heating systems is founded on the need, today and in the future, for intelligent, economical and environmentally friendly heating solutions.
Generating efficient, energy-saving and targeted instant heating or cooling is the focus of BURDA’s product development.
The result is innovative infrared heating with almost unlimited applications, optimally adapted to people and the environment.

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