Canopies & Sunrooms

Fixed Roofs

Fixed roofs are very popular and very cost effective to enclose your patios. It consists of aluminum posts, joinery & polycarbonate roof which are fixed and do not move (Static). The roofs come in different colors & shades to meet your requirement.
The aluminum posts and joinery can be powder coated to match your exterior or any color that you choose.

Retractable Roofs

These roofs are perfectly suited if you would like to enjoy the sun on your patio or cover them to stay sheltered.  The roofing is made from a tough PVC material stretched onto the retractable track of the canopy giving you the choice.

These roofs are motorized and retracted anytime using a remote. The roof is mounted on top of a solid structure made out of aluminum including posts & other joinery.

The aluminum posts and joinery is powder coated to match your exterior or any color that you choose.

Louvered Roofs

This premium roofing is designed to control the elements like sun, rain & wind with a touch of a button on your patio. These can be fixed on the wall with the support columns on the opposite to create uninterrupted space. It can also be freestanding on four columns or integrated within existing structures.  They are designed to hide the guttering for drainage giving that high-end finish and help in concealing cables for LED lighting or media.

The roofs are controlled using a remote and the structure is made from solid aluminum including louvers, posts and other joinery.

Retractable Patio

Retractable Patios is another premium offering you the option to retract the entire covering to one end or in the middle depending on your requirement. These can be customized for your outdoor patio or to enclose your spa or swimming pool.

The structures are made of high-quality aluminum joinery and polycarbonate sheets to give you strength and flexibility of a light but the solid structure that will glide either end or with an opening in the middle.