Outdoor Blinds

Unpredictable harsh weathers in winters and summers don’t need to be disappointing anymore, our outdoor solutions will transform your outdoors to enjoy with family or friends all year around.

Space Transformers provides architectural grade screens and shutters for your outdoors that not only look great but also provide privacy and protect you from the elements allowing you to enjoy the outdoors.

Our Outdoor Screens are made of PVC and fiberglass that protects you and your outdoors from various elements. These blinds come in clear PVC & fabric or mesh material to suit your outdoors and needs. These outdoor blinds come in varying sizes depending on the size of the opening and the level of privacy or covering required.

Fabric or Mesh has better life and durability and is more stable when you look at installing outdoor blinds.

 We mainly offer customized motorized blind and supply a spring-loaded solution for your screens. The motorized screens are guided by a zip track on the sides and bottom support to offer stability to sustain strong windy conditions.

We also offer outdoor blinds with wire guide on the sides or it can also be a non-zip option if you are on a budget.

 We import our blinds from Europe and China to meet your taste and budget and offer a customized solution. We can deliver from measure quote and install in 4 weeks from a deposit.